This is an attempt to set up a site with tips for working mainly with Photoshop, but also Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, photography and filming.

I am an image editor and video editor, I take on assignments and I teach with regard to the above mentioned programs in the Netherlands.

The most important value for me is satisfied customers. That laugh on their face, that's what I do it for.

Working with images is so much fun! I share my passion by teaching, but I would like to add another dimension to it.
A square where fellow enthusiasts can meet each other, a plaza.

Ideas enough, but time ... 🙁

I just started somewhere and every time I have a minute left I add something or I make it a bit nicer. Little by little.

You can expect tips and tricks, but also short lessons, experiences, advies, etc. In short, everything that I think I can help others with.

Little content so far (june 2018) and little structure, but that will change very soon :-).

Have fun and I am open to all kinds of suggestions!

Kind Regards,

Peter Schütte

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